Benelux Health Ventures (BHV) was established in Belgium by a group of business angels to undertake cutting edge research in molecular biology, imaging and Decision Support Systems in the broad field of life sciences.

By partnering with technology developers globally as well as leveraging on the scientific capabilities in Europe, BHV aims to identify suitable technology areas and build on top of existing efforts to seed new spin-off companies around key technology platforms.

development of start-up companies

BHV started a subsidiary in The Netherlands, Health Innovation Ventures (HIV). Between 2014 and now, with the joint effort of BHV and HIV,  the development of 5 companies located in Belgium and The Netherlands was boosted. The companies each have their own specific focus. Their product developments include (but are not limited to):

  • - Drug development for cancer treatment
  • - Artificial Intelligence in Radiology imaging leading to predictive modelling for treatment
  • - Artificial Intelligence in Genetic data leading to predicitive modelling for treatment
  • - Drug delivery mechanisms for immunotherapy
  • - Privacy preserving medical cloud infrastructure for individualised patient care
  • - Infrastructure for digital pharmaceutical trial support

An overview of the created companies  and the companies BHV (or HIV) is still involved in can be found in our portfolio.


CEO of Benelux Health Ventures is mr. Paul Tulcinsky. He has extensive knowledge in international tax law and has been advising senior management teams and major corporations throughout his career.

Further operational actions regarding the small and medium sized life science companies BHV has created are handled through Health Innovation Ventures in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

The staff behind Health Innovation Ventures consists of a large network of advisors with a broad field of expertise in either tailored financing, multi-year support, non-financial support, involvement of networks, organisational capacity-building and performance measurement. All advisors work on a pro-bono basis with the intention to reinvest benefits in new innovative healthcare projects in the context of Public Private Partnership.