welcome to Benelux Health Ventures

Research and development in life sciences, specialized in biomarkers for precision medicine


Benelux Health Ventures is an organization whose mission is  to recognize and support entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial researchers who are willing to develop solutions to significantly benefit cancer patients.

Our goal is to supply the medical community with the tools needed for individualized cancer treatment: new biomarkers, Decision Suppport Systems and innovative treatments so that the cancer patients can be treated more efficiently.

Our organisation is implementing a venture philantropic approach to medical R&D support: we are offering not only financial support but also non-financial guidance. Our intention is to reinvest our benefits in new innovative projects in the context of Public Private Partnership.

As other Venture Philantropic Organisations we maintain a set of widely accepted key characteristics. These are: high engagement, tailored financing, multi-year support, non-financial support, involvement of networks, organisational capacity-building and performance measurement. All our experts and member of the advisory boards work on a pro bono basis.