Over the past years Health Innovation Ventures has taken multiple innovations and research from the university environment to the actual market. Our focus has mainly been in the oncology medicine field. Currently Health Innovation Ventures is involved in 6 SME's in different stages of development (from initial start-up to venture capital investment, product development and market entry). In all our developments a few key-elements are always present: 

  1. Personalised medicine and smart drugs and drug delivery
  2. privacy preserving methodologies
  3. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence use in healthcare

The Medical Cloud Company


The Medical Cloud Company or MedC2 in short is born from a collaboration between several actors in the academic, MedTech and medical sector as a way to find answers to unmet needs in the medical environment by enabling a healthcare that is more personalised, preventive, predictive and participatory.. The first product in development is MyCareAvatar. MyCareAvatar, as a preventive and monitoring tool could decrease disease occurrence and help to release patients faster from the hospital by providing a constant follow-up of their health status evolution. Doing so, MyCareAvatar has the potential to help decreasing the ever-escalating costs of healthcare while increasing overall quality of life, morbidity (time spent free of chronic disease) and mortality.


The first development of personalized and precicion healthcare tools to the radiation onconogy market was done through our startup in Europe: ptTheragnostic. It's firat aim was to develop and commercialise a tool for treatment choice support for patients between proton and photon therapy. From that starting point onward the company has evolved into a genomics technology based decision support development company, and continued its work under the name DNAmito with an office in Maastricht, The Netherlands for Europe and an office in Palo Alto in the United States.



Oncoradiomics is a privately held AI MedTech startup company established in Liege, Belgium in 2016. Utilizing artificial intelligence and the information embedded in medical images, the company develops products and services with the ultimate goal of providing higher quality care for cancer patients while minimizing total treatment cost at the same time.




The aim of DNAmito is to develop more personalized treatment plans for each individual in order to greatly improve cancer treatment outcomes. For this DNAmito developed ProDecis, our treatment planning tool aimed at personalizing radiation therapy to provide a safer experience and more effective outcome. DNAmito brings a strong clinical, experienced product and commercialization team that will augment the science and development team in Europe to be a major player in personalized and precision healthcare. The goal is to improve patient care by bringing our unique and proprietary genomics technology-based products and provide cost effective solutions to the clinicians and the patients.

Convert Pharmaceuticals


Convert Pharmaceuticals is a preclinical stage drug development company that is building a proprietary drug pipeline exploiting tumor microenvironment specific factors for therapeutic benefit. Convert Pharmaceuticals develops prodrugs that are inert upon administration to patients, but transform into potent anti-cancer agents upon entering tumors. Convert’s proprietary insights in both the tumor microenvironment and specific biomarkers as well as the chemical design of prodrugs guide the development of these next-generation therapeutics.

Exomnis Biotech


Exomnis Biotech is developing a Therapeutic Spore Chassis (TSC) technology that utilises the most recent advances in genetic engineering to arm non-pathogenic spores of Clostridium with a potent, diverse range of immunotherapeutics (Figure 1). This naturally occurring strain is harmless and can remain dormant in a spore-form in oxygen-containing environments. Spores can only become re-activated in strictly anaerobic conditions, such as those encountered in anoxic/necrotic areas of solid tumours. The spores have been shown to selectively colonise necrotic tumour regions following intravenous injection. 


DualTPharma was initially started to further develop and bring to market our proprietary drug pipeline and further develop our prodrug. This specific goal was transfered to the entity Convert Pharmaceuticals which was established in Belgium, whereas DualTPharma was a Dutch start-up. The focus of DualTPharma changed to the development of a 'therapeutic spore chassis' as drug delivery method for immunetherapy. Due to this change in company direction from drug development into drug delivery we changed the official name of the company to Exomnis Biotech.